2/24/09 Congratulations To The Winners Of Our “All About The Album” Contest
ipod-touch_100pxCongratulations to the winners of our “All About The Album” contest, in which you had to accurately answer 10 questions related to NCIS: The Official TV Soundtrack to be eligible to win an iPod Touch.   Our winners were chosen at random from among the accurate entries we received by February 23rd, and all entrants will be notified today to find out if they were one of the lucky ones.

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The correct answers to the “All About The Album” contest are as follows:

  1. “Start Healing”
  2. Dog
  3. Green
  4. Numeriklab
  5. 9815
  6. Douglas S. Reilly
  7. “Special Agent” and “Abby’s Lab”
  8. “Frightened”, “Lost” and “Free”
  9. 10
  10. “The only fear is fear itself”
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